Oct 29 2016

Results from the 2016 Magazine Sale

2016/2017 Magazine Sale Results – Thank You Bell Community!

Thank you to the Bell community for a successful magazine sale! From sales, renewals and direct donations, Bell made a total profit exceeding $20,000.

These funds go directly to Bell students through grant requests from teachers and staff. We have already awarded about $20,000 in grant requests so students are benefiting from the success of the magazine sale this school year.

Here are some highlights of the 2016/2017 grants awarded to date:

Math 30 Chromebooks and cart for math department $9,285
Electives 15 Chromebooks for FACS; Spanish resource pack; Visual Arts glass-making molds; Robotics tripods/supplies $2,985
Music Orchestra stands/tuners; 2 clarinets for Band; Vocal Music Scripts/Supplies/Accompanist $2,535
Language Arts/ESL Books/Magazines $1,085
Science/Engineering Speakers/Events, Fidgets; Natural Sciences Club supplies $500
Social Studies Atlases, Books/Magazines, iPad $930
Other Clinic Supplies; Pencil Sharpeners; Socials; PBIS; Staff Supplies; Clubs $2,050



  • Students who sent emails and contacted family and friends regarding the magazine sale
  • Parents who ensured the orders made it to school
  • Teachers and staff for encouraging participation, including our wonderful Principal and Assistant Principal’s support