April 2015 Minutes

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for April 7th, 2015 Meeting/Bell MS Library


w Attendees: Board Members: Kay Markovich, Treasurer; Cheryl Ludford, VP; Julie Behrens, Secretary; Bridget Jones, Principal, 2nd VP. Additional guests: Greg Aigner, Kathy Sugnet, Lynn Renter, Amy Jones, Jayson Haberkorn, Tracy Fletcher.


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Cheryl called meeting to order at 5:04.

Ÿ New officers elected unanimously. Kay Markovich, President; Tracy Fletcher, VP; Lynae Douthit, Treasurer; and, Julie Behrens, Secretary.

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes for March meeting. Approved with no changes. Kathy Sugnet moved to approve. Seconded by Amy Jones.


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Kay distributed financial reports

Ÿ $280 earned from Longmont milk bottle caps this school year

Ÿ $125 made from Cannonball Creek night

Ÿ $63 earned from Pei Wei

Ÿ PTA reimbursed Language Arts teacher Krista Ingro for books

Ÿ Chess Club took in $12 for memberships. They have a small but enthusiastic membership and are looking for more members especially girls.

Ÿ PTA board approved via email meeting 3/17/2015 the use of unused PTA grant funds in school account to purchase approximately $900 worth of computer room supplies request by Mr. Sautel.

Ÿ PTA purchased 10 $10 gift cards for teacher appreciation as approved via by board via email meeting 3/18/2015.

Ÿ Approved $40 additional in budget to reimburse school for planners

Ÿ Motion to give $50 as a donation towards a GHS after-prom donation approved.

Ÿ Motion to increased budget from $50 to up to $200 for a PTA volunteer appreciation event at El Tapatio, May 5th at 5pm, approved. Teachers will be invited.


wNew Business Updates:

Ÿ Bridget will promote the potential of teacher supplies reimbursement by PTA at the end of May. Cheryl will put together an email to send to Bridget to communicate this process. Teachers will need to turn in the request form and the receipt. The PTA will also send a representative to the first staff meeting Monday, August 10th to discuss the Magazine sale and grant request process.

Ÿ Teacher appreciation week on May 4 through the 8th to include cupcakes, coffee stand, lunch on Wednesday, May 6th, $10 gift cards

Ÿ Lakeside Night is set for Monday, May 18 from 6-10 with Bell, Mitchell and Shelton. Tickets will go for sale in mid to late April and prices will remain at $8 for presale and $10 for day of (cost per ticket is $7.50)

Ÿ Golden Bike Cruise is set for Tuesday, June 30th and it has a Tie Dye theme. Golden Civic Foundation and Woodys Pizza host the events and we get 50% of the beer proceeds. We need to advertise for volunteers.

Ÿ Kay, Kathy S. and Lynn will meet with Katie Bisbee-Peek to learn more about her self-esteem workshop.

Ÿ 2015/2016 student enrollment projections are from 137 new 6th graders coming in/7th graders increasing from 270 to 365 (180 are STEM/40 Honors)/290 8th graders

Ÿ PTA will need to set plans for the beginning of the year membership drive. Meet in early August.


wMeeting adjourned at 6: Next meeting will be an offsite volunteer appreciation event at El Tapatio restaurant at 5pm on Tuesday, May 5th.