April 2016

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for April 5, 2016 Meeting/Bell MS Library


Attendees: Board Members: Kay Markovich, President; Andrea Schulz, Vice Principal/Vice President; Lynae Douthit, Treasurer; Julie Behrens, Secretary. Additional guests: Jayson Haberkorn, Greg Aigner, Beth Vermeulen, Amy Jones, Lynn Renter, Judy Babitz, Danika Gerig and Jackie Grenier.


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Kay called the meeting to order at 5:07 pm

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Julie received approval for the March minutes.

Ÿ Andrea Schulz gave an update on Principal Jones. She is doing well and came in to visit with the staff and has been undergoing chemotherapy. She asked Andrea to thank the PTA and community for all of the support. Mike Murphy, the retired GHS principal, is doing much of Andrea’s job while she has taken on Bridget’s responsibilities.

Ÿ Andrea reported that Bell attendance has increased from 742 to 785 – making Bell the largest middle school in Jefferson County. There is now a waitlist for next year. Andrea and staff are working on plans to accommodate the increase in students for next year.


wNominating Committee Update:

Ÿ All positions have been filled except for Vice President and President. It was agreed that we are very open to having a “co” president role. The Nominating Committee is confident that these roles will be filled within the next few weeks. The PTA set a deadline of May 3rd for the next update. The following officers and volunteers were voted in or agreed upon: Lynae Douthit was voted in as treasurer for another year;

Beth Vermeulen was voted in as Secretary; and, Wendy Hirons also volunteered to help with Communications and as Assistant Treasurer.


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Lynae reported that the PTA has a surplus of $7k in funds available for PTA allocation.

Ÿ Motions approved for following PTA expenses: $300 Additional Teacher Appreciation Week budget; $1,000 Grounds 3 additional trees & snacks; $400 Substitute teacher lunches/thank you’s and $512 for the Collegiate Peaks 8th fieldtrip costs.


wNew Business Updates:

Ÿ Bell “Backyard” update: The City is donating three, 2 ½” (trunk), Sugar Maple trees and boulders to the Bell Backyard. Tracy Fletcher of the Committee met with the Golden City Forrester and our Facilities Director, Art Castro to look at placement. Once the placement is completely finalized, we will let the City know and will be told how many boulders can be donated. The Committee also requested $900 in PTA funds for the purchase of three more trees. A storage bin and balls are still being investigated by Cheryl. Lastly, the committee is still waiting on a cost estimate for irrigation of the front garden. According to Andrea, a work order has been submitted but is on a three-month delay.

Ÿ Mrs. Schulz requested money for substitute teacher retention funds of $10.50 a day/$1800 to help thank substitutes with things like Lifesavers and lunches. PTA agreed to direct $400 for the remainder of the year.

Ÿ A Culture Committee is in charge of planning the 8th grade picnic for this year, which is currently booked at Genesse Park on May 23rd. The PTA has $550 in our budget to direct to this event.

Ÿ A request was made by Mr. Haberkorn to buy tissues for the 8th grade class. Lynae will contact Mrs. Crow to identify the quantity of supplies needed and purchase the needed amount.

Ÿ The PTA received an unexpected visit from a representative from the Apex Fun Run, a leadership and fitness program that is a two-week fundraising program. The activities would require 10 minutes of student time per day for two weeks ending in a Color fun run for pledges. Funds raised would be split 52% to BMS and 48% to Apex.

Ÿ Lynn Renter reported that she and Ms. Leigh listened to Ray Lozano’s talk on drug abuse at another school. She felt that his style and content would only be appropriate for 8th graders if that.

Ÿ Per an email report from volunteer Marne Brassell, the date for Lakeside Night has been set for May 16. The event will be a joint event between Bell, Mitchell and Shelton. The ticket price per Lakeside has gone up from $7.75 to $8 per ticket. Final ticket pricing is yet to be determined.

Ÿ Jayson Haberkorn will attend the Jeffco Accountability meeting from 5:30-7:30 on April 19 on behalf of BMS.

Ÿ Tracy Fletcher/Jackie Greiner to price new chairs (qty 15) for teacher’s lounge update and provide PTA an estimate



wMeeting adjourned at 6:13. A volunteer event will be held on May 3rd at a still do be determined location. This volunteer appreciation event also serve as an official meeting to vote in remaining officers and will be the last meeting of the 2016 school year.