December 2015 Minutes

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for December 1, 2015 Meeting/Bell MS Library


Attendees: Board Members: Kay Markovich, President; Tracy Fletcher, Vice President; Bridget Jones, Principal/Vice President, Lynae Douthit, Treasurer; Julie Behrens, Secretary. Additional guests: Jayson Haberkorn, Cheryl Ludford, Pam Waltz, Kathy Sugnet, Beth Bunchman, Jackie Grenier, Barbara Goldman and Carolyn Smith.


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Kay called the meeting to order at 5:08

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Julie did not get comments for the November minutes and will send them out for review following this meeting.


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Lynae gave a financial update.

Ÿ Magazine sales final figures announced: $58,522.35

Ÿ After all planned deductions we have an excess of $3895. Combined, with the following income (Bobs fundraiser made $875, $300 will be coming in from boxtops and an estimated $350+ for Barnes and Noble night), we will have an estimated $4545 in excess funds available to fund additional programs not yet planned.


wNew Business Updates:

Ÿ The workbooks that were requested by Mr. Sena for his language classes will not be provided by PTA. Bell Admin will address with him.

Ÿ A national marijuana education seminar is being held tonight and it was asked how we can learn about the information shared at the event and how we can share it with our students. Kay will further investigate.

ŸBritish Columbia Trip fundraising: Several of the parents of students going to Canada met earlier as a committee and decided not to hold sales-based fundraisers but instead are interested in hosting a few restaurant nights to raise money. They did think it would be better accepted if run through the PTA. Because the trip is occurring in the summer and is outside of the school year it is not considered as a school-sponsored trip. It was decided that Lynae will call the Jeffco PTA to get clarity as to our PTA’s ability to be involved.  The PTA determined that we are comfortable being the money handler and providing our 501c status as long as Lynae does not get information to the contrary. We will most likely collect a check and distribute it back towards their expenses (most likely to the travel agency). As a matter of precedence, the PTA needs to further discuss how we want to be involved in these types of specific fundraisers.

Ÿ Colorado Gives Day, an event supporting Colorado non-profits, is being held on December 8th and a local event will take place at the Table Mountain Inn from 4-7pm. BMS will have a table/presence there.

Ÿ Golden High School requested funds to be contributed towards senior scholarships. A $50 donation was approved. The PTA decided not to donate towards the Jeffco PTA senior scholarships.

Ÿ Mrs. Jones created a Giving Tree for staff-selected student donations. It was decided to use the PTA’s Sunshine Fund of $200 towards the remaining donation needs.

Ÿ Indoor recesses: Julie B asked if there might be funds available to help with replenishing toys/supplies for indoor recess activities being sponsored by the Interact Club. Mrs. Jones proposed talking to Interact Club teacher, Nancy Paricio, as she believes that there are additional, unaccounted for funds in the Interact budget. Kay also mentioned that the Interact recess committee may also submit a fund request to the PTA if needed. Mrs. Jones also requested that music needs to be on a memory stick.

Ÿ Barb Goldman attended the Tech Committee meeting and reported on the meeting results. Of the $10,011 that the grant committee had approved for technology (from the total $20,000 magazine sales grant), and the purchase of 25 chrome books and 2 charging carts for $6,775 was decided on at the meeting. The remaining funds of $3,236 will be directed towards improving the Technology Labs. The PTA approved allocating the remaining funds towards these Labs.

Ÿ Mrs. Jones stated that BMS needs help doing inventory of the technology equipment and that they are looking for volunteers to come in and organize the inventory. Teri Mullen, the Bell Librarian, would like to have this done before the end of the year. Barb G will work with Teri to determine a date for helping and will get the information out to the PTA membership.


wVolunteer opportunities available:

Ÿ Open Positions: Website and, in February, all Board positions will be open to new candidates.


wHospitality (Jackie Grenier):

Ÿ Barnes and Noble Night final income numbers are not available yet but we did have representation from every Bell Language Arts teacher and the entire sixth grade team. A motion was made and approved to grant all profits in excess of $400 from the event to the Language Arts department.


wMembership Update:

Ÿ Bell’s PTA membership is currently at 107 members and still growing. We have also had more requests for business members.


wMeeting adjourned at 6:13. The next meeting will be at 5pm on Tuesday, February 2nd.