December Minutes

Minutes of December 2, 2014 Meeting


ü  In attendance:  Cheryl Ludford, Vice-President; Kay Markovich, Treasurer; Bridget Jones, Principal;  Lynn Renter, Kathy Sugnet, Gina Robie, Julie Behrens

ü  Kay called meeting to order at 5:10 pm.

ü  Motion to approve minutes of November 4, 2014 meeting approved.

ü  Kay distributed financial reports

  • Received first donation check from AmazonSmile.
  •  One additional membership
  • School has received $670 as of mid-November for King Sooper’s reloadable card fundraiser.
  • Expecting $5800 check from Golden Services this week
  • Bridget requested budgeted $644 for student planners.
  • Bridget requested funding for staff food and small gifts throughout the year; determined that the “kick-backs” from monthly newsletter can be used to this end
  • Bridget requested gift card donations for Staff Holiday Party Dec. 12th.  Cheryl to send out request via email to membership recommending AmazonSmile or Costco purchase.

ü  Colorado Gives Day Event on Dec. 9  discussion regarding items to display

ü  Julie explained Interact Club’s newly developed Indoor Recess Days; themed days including all sorts cool games and activities like line dancing, bingo, double Dutch, Hot Lava, beach balls and more!

ü  Great Futures Education Conference “Grassroots Powering Education” on January 30 discussed.  Motion to sponsor up to two participants approved. Bridget to solicit staff volunteer and Cheryl to send email to membership.

ü  Marijuana Edibles program discussed with much interest.   Kay to ask Kami Berube to find out more information.  Possible parent meeting this school year and follow-up student assembly next school year.

ü  Meeting adjourned 6pm.  Next Meeting – February 3, 2015 in Bell MS library