Volunteer Job Descriptions

Bell MS PTA Officers and Committee Job Descriptions



President: The President acts as the primary contact for PTA and ensures PTA follows approved By-laws. Responsibilities include maintaining PTA calendar of events, conducting monthly PTA meetings, overseeing the delegation and completion of all PTA activity and understanding and updating By-laws every three years. Positions requires an average of 1 hour a week.

Vice-President: The Vice-President supports the President. Responsibilities include standing in if President unavailable at meetings, and helping to coordinate and delegate workload for the various PTA activities throughout the year. Positions requires an average of 1 hour a week.

2nd Vice-President: The 2nd Vice-President is the school Principal. Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings and acting as school liaison.

Secretary: The Secretary maintains records of PTA meetings. Responsibilities include attending monthly meetings, preparing and distributing minutes for approval and posting minutes to the website. Secretary will also submit By-laws revised by President and membership to state PTA every third year.  Positions requires an average of 3 hours a month.

Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains financial records of PTA activities and secures funds. Responsibilities include preparing annual budget, controlling authorized bank signers, depositing and disbursing authorized funds, reconciling bank and Paypal accounts, presenting financial status at monthly meetings, preparing and submitting annual tax return, filing annual Colorado Solicitation Act registration, coordinating annual audit and ensuring submission to state PTA. Positions requires an average of 2 hour a week.



Barnes and Noble Night: The Barnes & Noble Chair is responsible for the annual Barnes & Noble Night fundraiser in November. Responsibilities include coordinating date and activities with B&N, arranging performances by students with staff, organizing and soliciting parent and staff volunteers, and obtaining teacher wish lists. Many hours required to plan and execute this cool event in October and November.

Box Tops: The Chair coordinates the collection and shipping of Box Tops. Responsibilities require 1 hour a month throughout the school year.

Communications: The Communications Chair is responsible for communications to members, perspective members, the school and the community. The Chair coordinates with other officers, Chairs and members to collect PTA information to submit to school secretary for inclusion in the weekly Bell Friday Blasts and monthly newsletters. The Chair is also responsible for preparing memos for our membership to welcome, solicit volunteer opportunities and distribute information and pass this info to Membership Chair for email distribution. Ideally the PTA website would be reviewed by Chair to help ensure it remains current. Position requires approximately 1 hour a week.

Hospitality: Plan the Spring and Fall teacher conference dinners. Create a sign-up for other parents to bring needed items. Also plan teacher appreciation week in the spring. The PTA has budgeted funds for teacher appreciation week. Be creative and pamper our teachers and staff! This is a great way to get to know the staff at Bell!

iStem Liaison: The iStem Liaison is responsible for communicating needs and activities related to the iStem program at Bell MS. Liaison should attend monthly meetings to present status or send email update to President each month.

Lakeside Night: The Lakeside Night Chair coordinates with Lakeside management and Mitchell Elementary PTA to arrange the event date in May, pricing, tickets, and payment. Chair responsible for publicizing event, collecting payments and submitting to Treasurer, distributing tickets, finding volunteers to sell tickets at entrance the night of event, and ensuring Lakeside invoice paid. Position requires approximately 20 hours during the months of April and May and at the event.

Longmont Dairy Milk Caps: The Chair coordinates the collection and shipping of Longmont Dairy Caps between school and the dairy. Responsibilities require 1 hour a month throughout the school year.

Magazine Fundraiser Co-Chairs: The Magazine Fundraiser Chair acts as the liaison between the PTA, Bell MS and the consultants at Golden Service who run the magazine drive. The Chair is the Program Manager of the event responsible for overseeing PTA involvement through to the disbursing of grants from proceeds of fundraiser. Position requires an average of 1 hour a day in August and September during fundraiser and several hours before and after event. Best if position is shared by multiple volunteers!

Membership: This job involves collecting membership forms, inputting member data and payments into an Excel spreadsheet. Twice a year the membership database needs to be submitted to the Colorado PTA. Chair is responsible for maintaining membership data base and sending out information provided by Communication Chair directly to members via email. Most of this job is complete by November.

Reflections: The Reflections Art Contest is a National PTA event. Students submit works of art to Bell in various categories. All entries are judged anonymously and the winners move on to the District level, up to the National level. The Reflections Chairs manages the entire contest from advertising, forms, and judges, collecting and hanging of the artwork, and submitting the artwork to the Jeffco Show. Typically the Chair would create a sign-up for a committee to help if a lot of kids participate. This is a wonderful program and we would hate to see it disappear!  For more info about the program click here.

Social: The Social Chair coordinates social fundraisers throughout the year.  Responsibilities include contacting organizations, approving dates, soliciting volunteers and advertising events. Past events have been Golden’s Bike Cruise, Lil Ricci’s nights, and Jump Street. Time commitment depends on number of events planned.  Perfect for the party planner!

Webmaster: The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the PTA website (http://bellpta.org/). Webmaster will post all communications submitted in ready post format from officers and Chairs in a timely manner. Responsibilities also include ensuring the on-line membership registration and donations forms are current and in working order.

Book Fair: Help our wonderful teacher librarian Ms. Mullen with the Scholastic Book fair in the Fall.

Library Help: Ongoing help needed in the library.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above mentioned opportunities, please email us.