King Soopers Cards

The easiest way to raise money for Bell Middle School, without spending an extra dime!



The funds will help Bell to purchase important curriculum enhancements for the students and teachers.  This money goes directly towards making Bell a better place for our kids.


  • Thank you to those of you already using your King Soopers Cards, we greatly appreciate it!
  • If you are currently using a card linked to an elementary school or Outdoor Lab, when you are ready to support Bell, please deplete that card, recycle it and purchase a new one from Bell.
  • Do you grocery shop elsewhere?  No Problem: purchase your gas with a King Soopers card used at Loaf ‘N Jug and King Soopers (right by Bell).  You may reload at Loaf ‘n Jug, but will take a few minutes to update.
  • Continue to use your customer loyalty card/#, as well, for store discounts & gas discount credits.

How does it work?

  1. Buy a $25 King Soopers Gift Card (preloaded with $25 value on it)– fill out the form below & have your student submit form and payment to the Main Office at Bell.
  2. RELOAD your card before your groceries are scanned at the register (immediate update) or at the customer service counter (will take a few minutes to update).
  3. Use your reloadable card at King Soopers to purchase merchandise &/or gas.
  4. RELOAD your card again and again, up to $500 at a time using any of the methods you normally use to pay—credit or debit card, check or cash. (You still get King Soopers fuel points & your credit card points)
  5. King Soopers donates 5% of the reload amount to Bell Middle School.


Yes! I’d like to purchase a $25 gift card so King Soopers will donate 5% of my Grocery and Gas purchases to Bell Middle School each time I reload!

Parent Name:_____________________________________  Phone:_____________________________________


Email (required):  _________________________ Student Name (first & last) _____________________________


Student’s 6th Period Teacher: _________________________________ Student’s Grade: ____________________


# of King Soopers Re-loadable Gift Cards ($25/card) __________ x $25 =$____________

(cash or check payable to Bell Middle School)

Cards will be sent home with your child. Please contact Cindy Hollander at 303-982-4280 or if you have any questions.

Signature: ___________________________________by signing this form and requesting delivery via your student, you agree that Bell Middle School will not be responsible for lost cards.

Thank you for supporting Bell Middle School!