Magazine Sale Donation

Wanting to support your child’s school, teachers and PTA through the one and only fundraiser, but just don’t want any more magazines showing
up at the house every week?

Here’s the perfect option.

Conveniently donate online with using a Credit Card or PayPal.  AND your child(ren) will get the credit and be able to apply the money to earn prizes and attend all the fun events just as though they sold magazines.  If you have more than one student at Bell, no problem, you donate a dollar amount and have the donation split evenly between them.  The student(s) will receive credit for ONE magazine sale for every $15 donated. The maximum allowable donation per student is TEN credits/$150.


IMPORTANT:  After you click the Donate button below, be sure to fill type in your the name(s) of the student who should get credit for this donation.  The name goes in just below the amount where the form says, “Add special instructions to the seller:” If you miss this step, we’ll still get the donation, but the student won’t get the credit! See below: