March 2015 Minutes

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for March 3rd, 2015 Meeting/Bell MS Library


w Attendees: Board Members: Karen Nicknair, President; Cheryl Ludford, VP; Kay Markovich, Treasurer; Julie Behrens, Secretary.

Additional guests: Kathy Sugnet, Lynn Renter, Amy Jones, Jayson Haberkorn


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Kay called meeting to order at 5:08.

Ÿ Stephanie Holmes-Frazier resigned as Secretary via email to board last month due to scheduling conflicts. Julie Behrens elected by majority vote to fill vacancy effective immediately.

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes for February meeting approved with no changes.


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Kay distributed financial reports

Ÿ Amazon Smile proceeds of $79.76 were earned

Ÿ Private donations for $140 (Clorox, RJI Professionals)

Ÿ $50 from Longmont Dairy

Ÿ Four more families joined PTA (need to check that these $10 donations are for PTA memberships and not the Cannonball fundraiser)

Ÿ $220 Bike Cruise check

ŸMotion to provide up to $300 total for teacher supplies passed via BOD email meeting last month. Cheryl purchased supplies. $110 reimbursed and another $113 to be reimbursed.

Ÿ PTA gave Susan Weiler $200 to use for Golden Civic Foundation baskets for their annual silent auction fundraiser

Ÿ Donated $50 donation to GHS PTA for scholarship fund

Ÿ Lakeside Night $2,929 check given to Lakeside Park on 8/29/14 has not been cashed. Julie followed up 3/2 and was told that she will get info soon.

Ÿ Approximately $10,800 cash per books with $3600 budgeted expenses remaining so $7200 is the expected cash available at year-end


wNew Business Updates:

Ÿ Nominating Committee Chair, Kathy S announced nominations for officer positions for 2015/2016 year: Kay Markovich/President, Cheryl Ludford/Vice President, Bridget Jones/Second Vice President, Secretary/Julie Behrens, Treasurer/Lynae Douthit; Vote to take place at April meeting.

Ÿ Kristen Vollack & Michelle Trader are potentially interested in volunteering with PTA in some capacity. Kathy S will follow up.

Ÿ Promote the potential of teacher supplies reimbursement by PTA at the end of May. Teachers need to turn in the request form and the receipt.

Ÿ Ask Bridget if some of the remaining $1000 of grant money is needed for teacher appreciation gift cards to supplement donated gift cards?

Ÿ Lakeside Night is set for Monday, May 18 with Bell, Mitchell and possibly Shelton.

Ÿ February, 2016 Outdoor Lab (discussion led by Jayson Haberkorn): Need help to cover costs for supplies and evening programs for next February’s program. Mr. Haberkorn asked if there could be a line item in the PTA budget for kids that can’t pay (maybe $1200); $5-600 for supplies; $1400-1500 for evening programs. PTA approved budgeting $1500 to be used towards Outdoor Lab (to cover evening programs).

Ÿ Mr. Haberkorn also requested assistance for the May 2015 Outdoor Lab. PTA approved motions to provide $700 to cover supplies and one evening speaker.

Ÿ Discussed PARC and CMAS testing

Ÿ It was proposed by Kay M. that the May PTA meeting be a volunteer appreciation party of some sort

Ÿ Cannonball Creek social will be held on Monday, March 9 to benefit PTA. Cost is $10 per person


wMeeting adjourned at 6:18. Next meeting, April 7th, 2015 in the Bell MS library