Minutes Sep 2014

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes of September 2nd, 2014 Meeting

Introduction of Attendees:

-In attendance: Karen Nicknair, Pam White, Stephanie Holmes-Frazier, Kathy Sugnet, Amy Jones, Julie Behrens, Jayson Haberkorn, Greg Aigner, Gina Robie, Bridget Jones, Cheryl Ludford, Kay Markovich, Karen Allen, Deb Poskie, Jane Vernig, Donna Demok, Gwynn Stroup

-Karen called meeting to order at 5:00 PM


-Motion to approve May minutes, motion approved.


-Kay distributed financial report including budget to actual report

-Budget shows loss of $2700.00, using cash flow from previous year

-Chess club added

-Expenditures include Lakeside $2900.00, teacher luncheon, $288.00

-Received $80.00 Longmont Dairy Farm

-Motion to approve budget passed

-Audit Committee Report for 2013-2014 was read aloud and books found correct.


-Magazine Fundraiser:  Kick off 9-3-14, Karen brought up that customers can make a direct donation with 1 ticket being distributed to student per every $15.00 donated,  Karen recommended finding offices of doctors, dentists, etc., push renewals, email family and friends, Bell receives 50% profit, BMX show for all kids selling 3 tickets, Sept. 22nd-Count Day in the morning-will send out sign up genius, Sign Up Genius to also go out for Burrito Luau party for kids selling 6+ magazines, Julie to bring in “thermometer signs” for the cafeteria for each teacher to track magazine selling progress, Chris has provided flyers that can be attached to the weekly blast.

-Amazon Smile Program:  PTA signed up by Kay, ½% go to charity of choice, can go in the weekly newsletter, Kathy to send information to Bridget

-Target Red Card-Can choose a percentage of purchase to go to Bell Middle School

-Donorschoose.org: teachers can go to this website to receive classroom donations

-Idea for a “Giving Tree” to be placed in lobbies with requests from teachers for supplies attached.

-Idea for a “Sign Up Genius” for teacher supply requests

-Idea to add  all fundraiser ideas to Bell newsletter , one idea “Free Ways to Save For Bell” and include items such as Boxtops, Longmont Dairy, King Soopers Cards, Target Cards, etc.

Membership Update:

-Total Deposit: $ 1249.61, Membership $ 613.00, Donations $ 656.00 (-paypal fees 19.30)

-Cheryl to send “thank you” notes to families that provided donation money, Bridget to provide Cheryl with Bell stationary.

-Cheryl to put together list of volunteer positions to post to PTA website.

Communications-New policy:

-Send all communications to Cheryl by Wednesday in order to get into school messenger by Friday. Cheryl will compile all information into one email and send to Sara Crow for school distribution.

– Both Sara and Pam requesting all information to be submitted in “Word” or email in order  to cut and paste information easily.

-Information to be submitted to the monthly  newsletter should be submitted by the 15th of the month.

Grant Selection Committee:

Review meeting October 9th, 8:30 AM , will review teacher requests for equipment, Bridget and technology committee will approve, ask teachers to identify minimum amount needed for item being requested.

ISTEM update:

-has own volunteer pathway, Kathy to be the PTA liaison, Julie has volunteer for atmospheric research, PTA to further discuss ideas on how to connect PTA with ISTEM.

Old Business

-Hospitality position still open, Gina Robje considering if can have assistance from another person, on PTA website under volunteer positions

-Conferences set for October 2nd.

-Greg discussed Chess Club, Labels for education, and Watch Dog program.

-Pam discussed the need for alternate representative for Golden Schools Foundation, may need to be put on the weekly blast.

-Lizette –manages box tops

New Business:

-Recess: Karen notified PTA that there are parent concerns over enough activities at recess time, Karen suggested a “bucket of fun”, PTA offering assistance with this task, Bridget to look into what would be approved and would need a plan on how the new items would be managed. Bridget said that parent volunteers are welcome to help at recess.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

Subsequent to Meeting:

Marcie Miller, executive director of the Golden Civic Foundation sent PTA an email regarding joining the “Colorado Gives Day” on December 9th, 2014 for $100.00.  PTA board approved to move forward and Cheryl to send out an email to request volunteers for this fundraiser.