November 2015 Minutes

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for November 3, 2015 Meeting/Bell MS Library


Attendees: Board Members: Kay Markovich, President; Tracy Fletcher, Vice President; Lynae Douthit, Treasurer; Julie Behrens, Secretary. Additional guests: Lynn Renter, Greg Aigner, Tori Rommel, Beth Bunchman, Amy Jones, Michelle Trader, Jackie Grenier and Mary Gallagher.


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Kay called the meeting to order at 5:03

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Julie introduced the minutes from the October meeting. A motion was made to approve the minutes by Lynae Douthit and seconded by Greg Aigner. The minutes were approved with no changes.

Ÿ Kay announced that Principal Jones will be absent from tonight’s meeting.


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Lynae gave a financial update.

Ÿ PTA has paid out $10,200 of the $20,756 that PTA allotted towards grant requests.

Ÿ Ms. Paricio requested to increase the budget for the Spring Social from $600 to $700. Kay motioned to approve this change, seconded by Amy Jones. The motion was approved.

Ÿ Mr. Sena, the new Language Arts teacher, requested a grant for $1830 from the PTA for language workbooks. Librarian, Teri Mullen also requested a new table and chair for $400. Both requests, were after the grant request date so they will need to be addressed at a later date.


wNew Business Updates:

Ÿ Magazine Sales update: We raised approximately $25,852.87, which was a school record for the magazine sales campaign. A PTA committee also met to review 30 grant requests from teachers. There were approximately $30k in requests and the PTA gave the $10,556 in funds to non-tech requests. Tech requests will be reviewed at the Bell Tech Committee Friday, November 6th and we do have a remaining $10,200 to allot towards those requests. The remaining funds will be reserved in the PTA general budget for future needs.

Ÿ 8th grade information night at GHS will be held on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30.

Ÿ BMS PTA Thank You Cards, with artwork by students, have been printed and Kay Markovich has the cards if anyone needs them.

Ÿ Colorado Gives Day will be held on December 8th. Marcie Miller of the Golden Civic Foundation contacted Bell PTA regarding Bell participating again as a Golden charity. The cost is $100 to participate and last year we made approximately $400. The PTA did decide to participate again and will promote that donations will all go towards the Bell Backyard, phase 2 projects.

Ÿ Chess club will be starting in the Spring – headed up by Greg Aigner. He’s hoping to have tournaments and tshirts. Kay recommended that Greg work with Tracey to promote it via the eblast.

Ÿ Bell Backyard: Boulders and tree placement was approved by the County. Boulders will be donated from the City of Golden. Trees are still tbd.

Ÿ Box Tops: Lisette reported that $311 will be paid to the PTA within the month.

Ÿ The PTA does have $200 in Sunshine Funds for student assistance/scholarship based on need. Lynn Renter will communicate the availability of these funds to teachers and the counselors will filter the requests and communicate it to PTA.

Ÿ The fundraiser/social at Bob’s Atomic Burger raised $875.


wVolunteer opportunities available:

Ÿ Colleen Emory did accept the position of PTA Social Chair and will review social/fundraising opportunities.

Ÿ Open Positions: website. Cheryl Ludford or Brian Reed might be willing to help.


wHospitality (Jackie Grenier):

ŸFor the parent/teacher conferences on Thursday, October 8, Jackie Grenier organized food donations for the teachers that was much appreciated.

Ÿ The Barnes and Noble Social/Fundraiser will take place on Thursday, November 12th. Tokyo Joes and Chipotle will be participating vendors this year and will give a percentage of sales to Bell PTA. Bell’s PTA will also get 10% of sales from all Barnes & Noble sales that night. Volunteers have signed up. Entertainment will be provided by the Bell Band and the AcaBellas. Michelle Trader will try to acquire gift cards for this purpose. Whole Foods, who has been a partner in the past, is undergoing a reorganization with staff cuts and there will not be local marketing efforts this year.


wMembership Update:

Ÿ Bell’s PTA membership is currently at 106 members, 2 business, 395 staff and 65


wMeeting adjourned at 6:13. The next meeting will be at 5pm on Tuesday, November 3rd.