September 2015 Minutes

Bell Middle School PTA

Minutes for September 1st, 2015 Meeting/Bell MS Library


w Attendees: Board Members: Kay Markovich, President, Tracy Fletcher, VP Lynae Douthit, Treasurer, Julie Behrens, Secretary; Bridget Jones, Principal. Additional guests: Greg Aigner, Kathy Sugnet, Amy Jones, Jayson Haberkorn, Karen Allen, Jackie Greiner, Danica Gerig, Michelle Trader, Lisette Clemons, Beth Bunchman


wAdministrative Functions:

Ÿ Kay called the meeting to order at 5:07

Ÿ Disposition of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes for September meeting. Approved with no changes. Jackie Grenier moved to approve. Seconded by Kathy Sugnet


wFinancial Report:

Ÿ Lynae distributed financial reports and budget. Kay motioned to approve the budget. Budget passed.

Ÿ This summer we received an unexpected $700 check from Young Life

Ÿ Grant requests totaling $719.85 approved via PTA Board e-vote for science, LA, computer Apps classroom equipment, Spelling bee, Moby Max and the Bell Backyard Mural.


wNew Business Updates:

ŸAs the Communications contact, Tracy asked people to notify her if they need any communications published in the Eblast, (each Friday – need info noon on Weds) or monthly newsletter (first Friday of the month – need info 2 weeks before).

ŸWe will be doing a school fundraiser at Bob’s Atomic Burger. We are allowed to sell additional Bell-related items. Date TBD.

Ÿ Tracy gave an update on the Bell Backyard. Kay also motioned to approve $139.94 plus tax; which was approved. There will be a Bell Backyard celebration on Friday, Sept 11 (changed to Friday, Sept 18 post meeting). Bridget asked the Backyard committee and the PTA Board to help pass out otter pops at the three recesses.

Ÿ Kay reminded people to use King Soopers cards and Amazon Smiles to benefit Bell.

Ÿ Magazine Sale Fundraiser: September 2 is the assembly to kick-off the two-week campaign. PTA is putting a committee together to evaluate all of the teacher requests. Teacher grant-requests will be due October 2nd. A PTA/Administrative staff committee will meet on Friday, October 9th from 8:30-10:30.

Ÿ The City of Golden notified the Bell PTA of $40,000 in funds available for grant requests. Bridget Jones notified the PTA that Bell is applying for $10k for technology for the iStem program.


wVolunteer opportunities available:

ŸSocial chair, Lakeside Night, Website maintenance and the Reflections art program positions are open. Maggie Jones discussed if we would like to have a gardening committee? It was discussed that this is being discussed as an action item in phase 2 of the Bell Backyard plan.


wMembership Update:

w56 people are signed up for PTA as of Sept 1: 32 staff/24 parents.


wOld Business

wLakeside Night balances have now been paid in full.

wSelf-esteem workshop will not be happening with Katie Bisbee-Peek due to a conflict of interest.


wMeeting adjourned at 6: Next meeting will be at 5pm on Tuesday, October 6th.